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What grind option should I choose?


Grind is usually determined based on the brewing method to make coffee. Please also note that all our beans are ground on demand to ensure longer life expectancy for the coffee. Beans are also a grind option if you have your own grinder at home.

Below is some guidance for choosing a grind option:


  • Course - French press, Cold brew
  • Medium Course - Pour over
  • Medium - Filter coffee machine, Syphon
  • Fine - Moka pot, Espresso machine
  • Extra Fine - Turkish coffee pot

Karoo Blend

  • Karoo Blend is a blend of South America, Central America and East Africa Arabica beans. This is our signature house blend. This product comes in a resealable package and in two different sizes (250g and 1kg). This is a medium roast with a strength of 6/10. Karoo Blend has an almond aroma enhanced with a balanced acidity and a nutty-chocolate taste.

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